TSMART at the 38th Polymer Processing Society (PPS) 2023

TSMART members Sara, Hani, Omid, and Meysam at the 38th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society in Switzerland


Sara Mohseni Taromsari presented her research on “In-situ assembled 3-dimensional (3-D) nanostructures of polyphenol tannic acid surface treated Ti3C2Tx and graphene nanoribbons (GnRs) for physiological sensing applications”


Omid Aghababaei Tafreshi presented his research on “Super-Thermal Insulating Polyimide-Graphene Composite Aerogels with Exceptionally High Surface Area for High-Temperature Applications”


Professor Hani Naguib presenting “PVDF-based electrospun mats with exceptionally high dielectric properties for triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) energy harvesting applications”


Meysam Salari presented his research on “An Experimental Study on the Geometrical Effects of Nanomaterials on the Conductive Network Formation and Dielectric Properties in Microcellular Polymer Nanocomposites”

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