Principal Investigator

Ph.D, P.Eng., C.Eng., FIOM3, FASME, FCSME

Post Doctoral Fellow

Multifunctional Polymeric Composites

Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Sensing Applications

High Temperature and Pressure Polymer Composites

Multifunctional Nanostructured Electrodes

Polymer Composites for High Temperature – High Pressure Applications

Aerogels for thermal management

Dr. Meysam Salari

Energy Management Materials

Ph.D. Graduate Students

Synthesis of hybrid aerogels hybrids

Synthesis of novel aerogels with high mechanical properties

Melissa Marquez Chin

Smart materials based sensors and electrodes

Additive manufacturing of 2D and 3D multifunctional materials

Synthesis for new electrodes for neural applications

Auxetic materials based smart materials for morphing applications

Aerogels development for triboelectric nanogenerators

Fracture and failure berhavior of smart structure health monitoring system

Materials for wearables and biomedical application

Smart textiles for rehabilitation

Xiayu Wang

In situ sensing system for biomedical robotics

1D and 2D Materials for Energy Management

Yuhang Huang

Active polymers for wound dressing applications

CNF-polymer composites for EMI shielding applications

M.A.Sc. Graduate Students

Graphene based nanocomposites for structural materials

Triboelectric biobased nanogenerators

Polymers and composites under extreme conditions

Kayah St Germain

Smart surface for ultra hydrophobic materials

Dina Castelletto

Low smoke zero halogen green polymer compounds

Fiber matrix interaction in polymer composites

Design and manufacturing of new flexible batteries

Ivy Hwang

Fiber based flexible batteries for smart wearables

Malek Jnifene

Self powered sensor for force and temperature measurement  

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Materials for Wearable Electronics

M.Eng. Graduate Students

Xueching Zheng

Additive Manufacturing of dual thermosets and thermoplastics

Yige Huang

Fiber alignment and adhesion in polymer matrices

Tian Tian Zhang

Composite system visualization and modeling

  • Esmat Sheydaeian, Additive manufacturing of green composite materials
  • Cherif Azzaz, Multilayered composites development and characterization
  • Sung Hwa Hong, Lithium Ion Batteries using 2D Materials
  • Pardis Ghahramai, Piezo resistive sensing for rehabilitation
  • Zia Saadatnia, Biomedical soft electrodes materials
  • Yasamin Kazemi, Rheological Behaviors of High Performance Composites
  • Harvey Shi, Shape Memory Materials development for biomedical devices
  • Elahe Jabari, Additive Manufacturing of Smart Membranes
  • Solmaz Karimkamkar, Synthesis of Organic Aerogels
  • Nastaran Shahmansouri, Auxetic Materials for Textiles Computing
  • Nazanin Khalili, Smart Skins Applications
  • Marzieh Ebrahimi, High temperature polymer composites rheology
  • Zahra Bagheri, Antislip Resistance Materials
  • Shahrzad Ghaffari, Dynamics of Polymeric Materials
  • Zandi Mojgan, Electrospun Conductive Fibers
  • Reza Rizvi, Development of New High Friction Materials (co-supervision)
  • Sunny Leung, Design and Modeling of Electronic Composites
  • Choonghee Jo, Development and Optimization of Electroactive Polymers
  • Wentao Zhao, Characterization of TPO Foams (co-supervision)
  • Maher Al-Dojayli, Simulation and Optimization of Electronic Composites
  • Lia Xio, Development and Characterization of PLA composites
  • Florent Goldberg, Thermomechanical Properties of Shape Memory Alloys
  • Omid Tafreshi, Synthesis of aerogels hybrids for filtration applications (co-supervised with Chul Park)
  • Ashkhan Darghahi, Mechanical and electrical charge dissipation in functional composites
  • Sara Mohseni Taromsari, Nanostructured Chemoresistors and Piezoresistors
  • Jamie Li, Development of Smart Materials Actuators for Aircraft Engines
  • Pardis Ghahramani, 3D printing of biomedical sensors (co-supervised with Kamran Behdinan)
  • Sung Hwa Hong, Smart skins for sensing applications
  • Ladan Eskandarian, Smart fibres for textile computing
  • Adam Pearson, Composite fiber matrix interactions
  • Anastasia Wickeler, Auxetic materials under extreme conditions
  • Zhiquiang Chen, Vitrimir Polymers for multifunctional properties (Visiting Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)
  • Wei Wang, Multilayer graphene-based composites for sensing (Visiting Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)
  • Shasha Jiao, Graphene materials for supercapacitors applications (Visiting Xi’an Jiaotong Univ)
  • Shahriar Ghaffari, Aerogles synthesis for multifunctional applications (Co-supervised with C B Park)
  • Arturo Ugalde, New Aluminum Based Batteries Materials (Co-supervised with O. Kesler)
  • Harvey Shi, Novel Supercapacitors Materials for Energy Storage
  • Solmaz Karamikamkar, Development of flexible aerogels (co-supervised with C. B. Park)
  • Sai Wang, Conductive Foams (co-supervised with C.B. Park)
  • Yu-Chen Sun, Smart Materials Hybrids Based Artificial Muscles
  • Muhammed Anwer, Fracture Mechanics of Hierarchical Composites Materials
  • Zhongjie Li, Energy Piezoelectric Materials for Low Frequencies Applications
  • Zia Saadatnia, Energy Harvesting Tribological Systems (co-Supervised with E. Esmailzadeh)
  • Nazanin Khalili, Optimization of Electroactive Polymers Sensors for Smart Skins Applications
  • Mohammed Elsharah, Aerogels foams (co-supervised with C.B. Park)
  • Mohammed Kshad, Development and Characterization of Meta Origami Materials
  • Kyle Eastwood, Smart Surgical and Adaptive Tools (Co-supervised with Dr. Jim Drake Sick Kids)
  • Farooq Al Jahwari, Modeling of Functionally Graded Materials
  • Eunji In, Development of multimodal phantoms for biomedical imaging
  • Merle Biscoff, Electrospinning of PEEK materials (Intern from University of Achen Germany)
  • Davood Alizadeh, Prefoamed Polymers Beads (co-supervised with C.B. Park)
  • Reza Rizvi, Smart Sensors and Actuators (co-supervised with E. Bidiss, Bloorview Hospital)
  • Shahrzad Ghaffari, (Prefoamed Polymers Beads (co-supervised with C.B. Park)
  • Aaron Price, Electroactive Polymers based Artificial Muscles
  • Linus Leung, Mechanics of Cellular Structure for tissue engineering
  • Richard Lee, Prefoamed Polymers Beads (co-supervised with C.B. Park)
  • Ahsan Ahmed, Polymer/Metal Composites (co-supervised with Dr. A Fahim, U of Ottawa)
  • Choonghee Jo, Constitutive Modeling of Nanocomposite Foams (University of Ottawa)
  • Antharv Ambhorkar, Development and Dynamic Characterization of Green Epoxy Nanocomposites
  • Zinan Cen, Strain Sensor-Enabled Motion Monitoring Smart
    Clothing (co-supervised with Prof Goldie Nejat)
  • Aleisha Cerney, Smart materials-based sensors for environmental sensing
  • Anastasia Aubeeluck, Development of microsensing system for biomedical robotics
  • Ivana Perkucin, Synthesis for new biogels for neuro electrodes applications (co-supervised with Dr. Cindi Morshead)
  • Kyra Mclellan, 4D printing for new functional materials
  • Sophie Kiddel, Development of novel graphene nanocomposites
  • Cameron Whittle, Aging properties of thermoplastics composites and hybrids
  • Ryan Nam, Design of Smart Materials Actuators
  • Terek Li, 3D printing for new functional materials
  • Marco Chu, Smart skins for sensing applications
  • Tianhao Chen, Biomedical sensing for surgical tools
  • Jintian Wang, Biobased chitin composites for low carbon footprint
  • Syed Husseini, Biobased fillers composites
  • Harrison Lin, High temperature and pressure-based thermoplastics
  • Karolina Spetniak, Additive manufacturing of medical phantoms
  • Taylor Morrison, Additive Manufacturing of flexible air batteries substrates
  • Xuechen Shen, Additive Manufacturing of flexible sensing substrates
  • Akshay Seshadri, Development of nanostructures-based materials for sensing applications
  • Ahmed Anwer, High Impact Polymer Composites
  • Anastasia Wickler, Modeling and Fracture Mechanics of Materials
  • Adam Pearson, Modeling and Characterization of rubber composites
  • Desmond Vandenberg, Antibacterial surfaces of polymer fabrics
  • Ali Anwer, Development of Biocomposites Materials
  • Sherif Ramadan, Development and Validation of Biomaterials for Medical Phantoms
  • Sharon Li, Biocomposites Materials Based on Chitosan Nanowhiskers
  • Harvey Shi, Energy Harvesting Nanocomposites
  • Muhammed Anwer, Biocomposites foams
  • Carlton Hoy, Biomedical Phantoms
  • Yu-Chen Sun, Thermoelectric and Dielectric Materials
  • Saad Khaled, Thermal Management Materials (Co-supervised with University of Torino, Italy)
  • Terrence Lee, Supercapacitors Conductive Polymers (co-supervised with K. Lian MSE)
  • Nazanin Khalili, Optimization of Conductive Polymer Actuator
  • Shahriar Ghaffari, Biobased Conductive Polymer Composites
  • Aaron Guan, Polymer bio nanocomposites
  • Omer Khan, Smart Electronic Composites
  • Ellen Chan, Smart Electronic Composites (co-supervised with Dr. Francis Dawson ECE)
  • Gingwen Wang, Fuel Cells Membranes (co-supervised with A. Bazylak, U. of Toronto)
  • Eunji In, Fabrication of Aerogels
  • Christine Chan, Biopolymers for Drug Delivery Systems
  • Reza Rizvi, Environmental and Biodegradable Polymers
  • Julia Campbell, Polymer/Metals Composites (co-supervised with Dr. Glenn Hibard, Toronto)
  • Joe McRae, Acoustics of Metallic Foams (co-supervised with Dr. N. Atalla, (U of Sherbrooke)
  • Steven Simkevitz, Development of Shape Memory Polymers
  • Linus Leung, Development and Simulation of Bioscaffolds
  • Steven Wong, Development of Light Weight TPO Materials (co-supervised with C.B. Park)
  • Raymond Chu, Smart Acoustic Absorption Foams (co-supervised with Dr. N. Atalla, Sherbrooke)
  • Aaron Price, Kinematics of Smart Materials Based Actuators in Artificial Muscles (University of Ottawa) (co-supervised with Dr. A. Jnifene at the Royal Military College)
  • Josee Perron, Processing and Characterization of Novel Biopolymers in Tissue Engineering (University of Ottawa)
  • Matthew Crawly, Fracture Mechanics and Failure Modes of Foamed Structure (University of Ottawa)
  • Jin Fu, Processing of Smart Foams for Acoustics Insulation  (University of Ottawa)
  • Allan Manninnen, Polymer/Nanoparticulate Composites (University of Ottawa)
  • Weifeng Chen, Permeation and creep behaviour of polymer composites
  • Zhijie Hou, Dynamic properties of polymer composites
  • Xiayu Wang, PVDF Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO)
  • Xinye Yang, Multiphysics modelling of lithium-ion battery materials
  • Jake Heselgrave, Soft robotics-based actuators for vocal cords regeneration
  • Tao Wen, Permeation and dynamic properties of polymer composites
  • Changxin Zhang, New polyimide aerogels for thermal insulation
  • Jia Xi Mary Chen, Modeling of electrodynamic responses of brain tissue and stimulation electrodes for stem cell applications
  • Sajid Asm, Design and modelling of origami materials for high impact properties
  • Hans Deng, Biobased materials and composites
  • Sridutt Meduri, Multifunctional Aerogels materials
  • Yimie Wan, Development of a dielectric sensor system for energy application
  • Weijan Liao, Fiber matrix interaction of advanced composites
  • Vinayak Nair, Graphene-based systems in polymer composites
  • Carlo Porreto, Mechanical properties of fibre composites
  • Umar Haque, Design of new creep resistance setup
  • Faissal Hariri, Development of sensing mechanism for oil and gas industry
  • Saad Khattak, Biobased composites for low carbon footprint materials
  • Ganesh Vedula, Development of sensing mechanism for oil and gas industry
  • Arslan Javad, High temperature and pressure composites
  • Haodan Li, Biobased polymers for barrier properties
  • Feng Shi, Organic-based aerogels for thermal insulation properties
  • Shawn Zou, High impact performance multilayered materials
  • Nicola McFadden, Biopolymers based materials for consumer products applications
  • Jinyuan Zhang, Low transition temperature shape memory polymer (SMP)
  • Zhuiri Wang, Epoxy carbon nanotubes nanocomposites based materials
  • Linghong Li, Foaming technology of thermoplastics polyurethane materials
  • Wan Wang, Foaming technology of thermoplastics polyurethane materials
  • Yannan Zhou, Development of bio-inspired hierarchical materials
  • Qiazhi Liu, Dielectric Properties of Biomedical Materials
  • Sean Li, Mechanical properties of Graphene Nanocomposites
  • Jinyuang Zhang, Thermoelectric Materials Development
  • Tianyu Lan, Dynamic Medical Phantoms
  • Jennifer D’Cunha, Biocomposites Self-Healing
  • Calum Mascarenhas, Functionally Graded Materials
  • Vishaal Narkedamalli, Acoustics Functionally Graded Materials
  • Timotheus Gmeiner, Bioprosthetics Design
  • Honya Kordnejad, Electrospinning of Conductive Polymers
  • Vincent Liu, Thermal Biocomposites
  • Quan Chen, Shape Memory Composites
  • Terri Zhang, Shape Memory Polymers
  • Kordnejad Honya, Electrospinning of Polymer composites
  • Elisabeth Walker, Medical Phantoms Materials
  • Yuanhao Huang, Rubber Dynamic Properties
  • Chaofan Hou, Polymers Fatigue
  • Sri Rao, Shape memory Alloys Design for Automotive Components
  • Jack Chang, Shape Memory Polymers
  • Pedram Raghib, Development of biopolymers for microfluidics applications
  • Neha Patel, Processing and Characterization of Biodegradable Polymers
  • Wayne Chan, Processing and Characterization of Porous Conductive Polymers
  • Andrew Edgerton, Shape Memory Alloys (University of Ottawa) (co-supervised with A. Jnifene, RMC)
  • Mohamad Mannan, Design Optimization of Smart Materials Based Sensors/Actuators (University of Ottawa) (co-supervised with Dr. A. Jnifene at the Royal Military College)
  • Andrew Minkoff, Weld Joint Design of High Pressure Vessel Applications (University of Ottawa),